Paula de la Hoz

Computer engineering student, tech, privacy and security speaker.

Spain (Granada/Madrid)


Telegram: @Terceranexus6

Mastodon: mastodon.technology@hamlet


Computer engineering speeches, articles and activism




Investigative Journalism


Security and hacking







Work Experience

Robotics teacher
Jul 2016

I was the robotics teacher of a bunch of teens in Switzerland. I taugh robotics basics (programming in C, Arduino, circuit physics and social impact of robotics) in English for four different classes in a Lucerne private school during the summer of 2016.

Systems analyst
Feb 2017 - Jun 2017

I've part time worked from February to June 2017 as a systems analyst for a company called Solinsur. My main responsibilities were investigating the hardware of a paycheck machine, tag printing and other shopping related software and hardware. Also web programming and supporting senior programmers.

Arduino monitor and private programming teacher
Jun 2016 & 2017 semester

I worked for the university of Granada as an arduino and project monitor for a group of young girls interested in tech, in a summer programming camp. I've also worked as a private teacher during the 2017 semester for a teen, teaching him the basics of programming, arduino, linux terminal, computer science history, security and other.

Computer engineering promoter
2017 semester

Hired by the open software department at university of Granada to go to schools and explain the kids what computer engineering is, and promoting tech.


English literature and language - Moyle Park College of Dublin
Jul 2010 & Jul 2011

In Dublin, English language and literature, studying abroad for a couple of months.

Tech Baccalaureate degree - HH Maristas la Inmaculada
2012 - 2014

Science/tech and university access preparation after highschool.

Computer Engineering - University of Granada
2014 - 2017

Computer Engineering Degree studies.

Investigative Journalism - Columbia University (NY)

Investigative Journalism Degree

Hamlet's Ghost - Harvard University

Hamlet's Ghost - Shakespeare context and deep study of the play

Personal projects

Sep 2016 - now

I founded an organization about privacy, digital rights and security, in order to give interested people a platform for giving speeches, writing articles and meet. It's called interferencias and we already organized a local event in Granada about security and privacy (JASYP: Jornadas de Anonimato, seguridad y privacidad in Spanish). We have a telegram group and Twitter (@inter_ferencias). Our web is being currently modified by the members.

Internet censorship investigation and book

I'm investigating about internet censorship in order to write a book about it and how to fight against it. I'm looking for persons to interview, in this page you can find the details.

Hardware & Brain

Doing an investigation on how to use brain arduino processor and digital signing.

Hackathons and speeches
2015 - now

My last speech is confirmed for the RootedCon 17 (hacking event) about internet censorship. I'm also going to speak about internet privacy and digital rights for journalists in October at the Digital Communication Congress in Valencia. I've also given other speeches and participated in other hakacthons. For more information, this page out.