Paula de la Hoz

Computer engineering student, tech, privacy and security speaker.

Spain (Granada/Madrid)


Telegram/Twitter: @Terceranexus6


Security and hacking


Computer engineering speeches, articles and activism


Investigative Journalism







My work

Security stuff

I'm a 22 years old cybersecurity engineer in a company called Gleam AI, and I've also worked as a security auditor in R4S. I spend most of my time researching about Linux, security, privacy and digital rights. Previously I've worked in other areas such as programming and robotics. I'm very into teaching, though it's not my regula job, but I do give speeches through the year. I've spoken in Granada, Madrid, Valencia, San Sebastián and I'm pointing to Murcia, Alicante and Vienna soon. Catch me if you can! I enjoy building new things using open hardware and experiment mixing tech and art.
I also write things in dev.to and qiita.

My -constant- investigation

We are tech!

I firmly believe tech and society are tighly related, and for that I'm passionated about the influence of the internet and tech in society. For that I've studied, alongside computer engineering, investigative journalism, in order to make sense of this relationship. I'm studying about privacy, annonymity, digital rights and cybersecurity. I'm doing lots of intervies for this, if you are interested in have a chat about this topic, or you think you have something to tell me about this, please contact me!


We are noise

I founded and currently co-organize a digital rights and privacy awareness association in Spain called Interferencias. We meet, give speeches and organize events regarding the main topics. Every year we organize an event called JASyP (Jornadas de anonimato, seguridad y privacidad) in Granada. We mostly speak through Telegram in our group @Inter_ferencias, in spanish.